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Simple Simon Over

Simple Simon Over
Simple Simon Over is a variant of a square knot. Start as when doing a sheet bend with a loop.
This knot is invented by Dr Harry Asher, and is introduced in the book "The Alternative Knot Book", ISBN 0 7136 5950 5.
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The Ashley Book of Knots
The Marlinspike Sailor
Knot Tying: Advanced Knotting (CDROM)

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Submitted by: Larry Goldstein
How do you tie the knot?

Submitted by: Anthony
This knot was "knot" so easy for me.

Submitted by: Knot Master
Just make a bight, like you're starting a sheet bend, and weave the other rope through it.

Submitted by: JP
What is it called when the both sides have a crossing loop?

Submitted by: david
easy knot knot master has the right idea

Submitted by: tk
If you tied this knot, but instead of leading the end back through the loop on the right, like a reef knot, you lead it under the incoming line, like a sheet bend, what is it called?


Submitted by: Dan Lehman
This knot was first presented by Asher in his _A New System of Knotting_,
pub'd in 1986 by the IGKT.


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