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Diamond Knot

Diamond Knot
Use it in your zipper, and it is easier to close your jacket when wearing gloves for example.
Follow step 1 to 4. Image number 5 shows that you should take both ends of the rope, put it under the knot and then up throw the hole in the middle of the knot. Then you tighten the knot, sometimes you might want to adjust the knot afterwards so you get equally long ends. Post on facebook

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Submitted by: chuckles
do that again please?

Submitted by: Robert Graves
Like so many knots, this one has several names. Here:Friendship knot,& Lanyard knot. The trick of this knot is the tightening,form it to a cylinder while pulling the ends.

Submitted by: Gappy
Okay.I tied the knot correctly and it looked like a diamond. but then i loosened it and tried to tighten it again and the whol thing just turned ugly and fell apart.

Submitted by:
I am looking for information on a knot called the Diamond Hitch. This knot was used in the early days for securing loads on pack horses and pack mules. In those days any person who professed to be a packer and did not know how to "throw a diamond hitch" was considered to be a real "greenhorn". I hope someone can help me with this knot. Thank you.

Submitted by: Nico v Loon
I'm looking for sites with examples of how to knot a neck tie. Do you know any??

Submitted by: Jukka Piepponen
Timanttisolmu in Finnish. Used as a stopper. Continuous knotting makes beautiful diamond hitch.

Submitted by: Jukka Piepponen
Usually made with more than 2 threads. 4 threads makes good knot.

Submitted by: Abel Santana
This knot is known as "Botón Diamante" in spanish

Submitted by: Amir Mortal
interestingly this knot is a small variation on what i know as a Carrick Bend (step 4=completion), but this is a curios twist

Submitted by: pete
this is extremly usefull 4 securing ice axes onto! thanks

Submitted by: dink
this is a strong knot

Submitted by: sporter
I am looking for knots dealing with boating. Any ideas?

Submitted by: JP
Amir, Well done! I was hoping someone would notice this starts as a double carrick bend.

Submitted by: Sharon
I'm looking for information on making a boatswain,s lanyard for a boatswain's pipe. Can you give me any ideas????

Submitted by: Bill
also known as diamond carrick on completion of 5th step and is knot, based on Turks Head turns,awarded with Gilwell beads on Leader completion of Woodbadge Part 2,Scout Leader training

Submitted by: ariana
The diamond knot is the same as the Chinese button knot. If you tighten the two ends and leave no loop, it becomes a button.

Submitted by: Paige
I am so confused on how to tie the Diamond hitch HELP!!!

Submitted by: ariana
known in the fashion industry as the Chinese button knot for coats and jackets.

Submitted by: WestPacSailor
If the two ends were passed down through the center of the carrick without going around the legs of the loop and then down through the center it would become a "Chinese Button Knot."

Submitted by: NA
woooooooo this knot looks complacted im debating weather or not to try to make it?!?!

Submitted by: Fuzzy
The diamond hitch is quite different from a diamond knot- the knot is used mainly for a button, in the case where the ends are passed through the middle to form the Chinese Button Knot. The Diamond Hitch is associated with a six-point pack, worn on the back or strapped to a mule. If you were to number the points of the pack 1-6, with 1 and 2 being the center and 3-6 beginning at the top left and rotating clockwise, you would begin by tying the end to point 1, looping it around 2 and back, and twisting the loop thus formed. Next pass the working end around 3, back through the loop, around 4, through the loop again, around six, and back to one. before tightening, grab a bend behind the loop in the part going from 4-6 and loop it over point 5. now you have a diamond hitch!

Submitted by: Tom
Nice knot for Wood Badge beads. I learned this knot 25 years ago and tied it for a friend's I just re-learned it and tied my own beads!

Submitted by: mauricio mafra
the nome in portuguese is PINHA DE ANEL

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