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Timber hitch

Timber hitch


2. WRONG!!!

Another knot that is easy to do. It is important that you twist the free end aruond itself. Check this by trying to adjust the size of the loop. If it is impossible, you have made a mistake!
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Submitted by: Mark
Great hitch for tying a hammock to a tree. This hitch won't slip when tied properly.

Submitted by: Marcos Villela
In Brazil we call it a "volta da ribeira" and it is used to pull a log in water

Submitted by: Seth Elliott
The Timber hitch can be used to pull a log and can can be made stonger with a Half Hitch which also gives you better control of the log

Submitted by: Michael Phillips
Used to begin a diagonal lashing. (Clove hitch is used for a square lashing).

Submitted by: Graham
A good idea is to make sure that the rope is twisted in the same direction as the "lay of the rope". If twisted against the lay it does not seem to grip as well.

Submitted by: I forgot
Thanks, I'll use this.

Submitted by: Jo
Hello, I' m subscribing for the Belgian-Dutch version of "Survivor" and i have a good chance for beeing selected...congratulations for your site anyway but what i' m looking for too (except for knots) is how to build a camp properly: which construction is a long lasting one(against rain, wind etc.), how to place the sticks, the roof...could you help me with some plans or a link to another site or maybe the name of a book with decent drawings? I' ld be most gratefull!!

Submitted by: Aziz T
if u take the long end of the rope and move it to the top of the log, make a hitch and use the long end as a pulling rope, u get much more stability and u need a lot less strain to pull something heavy.

Submitted by: John
Also used for tying reefing line(s) to a boom in yachting.

Submitted by: the queen
u use this knot for making a knot and it is very useful if u want to tie something... yes

Submitted by: johan
yes this is a very good knot

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