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Also called Double Lark's head.
A very useful knot. If made in the end of a line this knot is an fixed loop, which you easily can resize, just by moving the knot. Suitable as a guy-line knot.
Tying the Prusick with only one final loop, instead of two (making 3 turns around the standing part rather than 4) is called a "taut line hitch" and serves the same purpose as thes Prusick. Used by scouts to keep guy ropes taut on tents and towers. Very useful.
Normaly the prussick is made with a thin line on a rope. This thinner line could then be used as a handle that could be moved on the rope. James Bond used his shoelaces in a movie to climb a rope using this knot.
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Submitted by: Eric Danielson
I've heard stories about people safely scaling cliffs with this knot

Submitted by: Chris Konecke - NJ
We use prussicks on guard ropes when climbing and rappelling. The guard ropes are used so we can set up the climbing system on the top of the mountain.

Submitted by:
My daughter climbed 150 feet up a cable on the Golden Gate Bridge using the prussick knot she used three of them and survived. She was protesting the cutting of the old growth Redwood Forest in CA. She survived the climb but was jailed for trespassing. Don't try this at home.. Now she's a lawyer.

Submitted by: hans
Is gut! Ya, is gut!

Submitted by: Robert
I used the prussick as a backup for my rappelling. Once, the rapel failed and my prussick caught me. Then the dirty whore broke and I fell 23 feet.

Submitted by: js
friction in this not can stress rope. can roll. small rope knotted on big rope better.

Submitted by: marc peace
Climbers have used this knot for years, it was replaced by ascenders.

Submitted by:
There are four types of prussic used in climbing: The original prussic (shown), french prossic, klemhiest, bachman. There are others but I can't remember there names. If you fell during a climb onto a prussic 6 inches would generate enough stress and heat to melt through the rope!!! The moral of the story is not to fall onto a prussic!

Submitted by:
that qould not be a taut line hitch it would have to go over on the other side.

Submitted by: Kevin Southerland
Prusik is spelled with 1 (s) and no (c). It is used as a hitch to pull or grab on to a larger diameter rope. A piece of 8mm cordage around 5' long formed into a loop by tying a double overhand bend (dbl fisherman's knot) works well with 1/2" lifeline.

Submitted by: shaun
how do you do it on trees to climb

Submitted by: nick the tree climber
i use this all the time to ascend ropes that i put high up in the trees. ...knot questions???

Submitted by: Dan Lehman
Yes, please heed Kevin Sutherland's correction to spelling--it is 'Prusik', a person's name. Also, the knot is properly formed only if the ends are joined, e.g., into a bowline or other loopknot, or as a bend (forming a loop into which some other attachment will be made). (Hence, what you show IS more aptly called a "double lark's head" or "...girth hitch".)
The behavior of this knot depends one several factors: the relative diameters of the rope and hitched-to object (maybe another rope); the nature of the object (laid rope vs. braided; rope vs. solid object); the type of rope used (soft vs. stiff, slick vs. frictive), and the number of wraps used in the knot. A good rope to try is one of the marine laid poly combo ropes (polyester-wrapped polypropylene), which give the supple springiness of the core fiber polypropylene with the good surface characteristics (heat & abrasion resistance) of polyester!?

Submitted by: Brad Locke
Were tying knots in our outdoor pursuits class and this one seems to be a pain in the a***, i think taut line hitch is much more useful. But hey, what do i know?

Submitted by: Jerry Oneal
I use two Prusik knots as lanyards/foot placement loops to ascend main rope for tree work /step ladder type motion. As weight is transfered one to the other slide the non load bearing Prusik higher & so on. It's called "Texas Inchworm Method" as illustrated in "Rappelling" 2nd Edition by Tom Martin. Also, I use a weighted fishing line to throw or sling-shot over the highest limb, then heaver poly twine, then pull the main heavier rope thru. Sometimes repeated up in tree to go higer. One end of main rope (tied or carabined to the harness)is fed 2x thru my descender (fig.8)which is not attached to the harness, so when I get up to the top I don't have to pull the entire length of main rope and feed it thru the fig8; 2x, up in the tree, usually tired after all that. Just slide it over the crotch to become the braking end,& reattach to center harness, get it? Yes, it's a lil' slow goin up but I can catch my breath, be safe and enjoy.If I decide to attach fig8 to the side of harness as a redundancy goin up, it's wise to keep feeding (non-bearing bite of rope) thru the fig 8, since braking(if necces)can be quickly & easily accomplished. I also use a lanyard attached to the harness going around the tree when poss. as 3rd redundancy and to prevent gravity from moving me all around. Sometimes a 3rd prusik to just hang to operate saw. That is attached to center of belt,or harness. I would be interested in learning a quicker yet safe method if anyone knows. I found and will share a neat website for knots, & all outdoor adventurers

Submitted by: lEqddweyJTBHTR
as said previously by otrhes a bowline is fine to use so long as a stopper knot is tied and butted up snug to the knot of the bowline. and i know lots of people that can tie them correctly (me included) in theire sleep so incorrect tying is poppy cock, any knot can be tied wrong.@Lvduggo69 a meion (french name) is the ony binner that can take a multi directional load. It's a proper D' shape and is done up with a spanner lol. check them out. stay safe guys

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