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Two Half Hitches

Two Half Hitches
It is often used to tie boats to pilings. It can be used for many other things as well. For Example you can use it to secure the ends of the rope used to tie things to the top rack on your van.
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Submitted by: Lester Leong
Unlike bowline, it forms a loop that can be pulled tight

Submitted by: fred clinton
It's also a knot

Submitted by: wil
Using a bowline for one end of a rope tying something to your van would be better, but the double half hitch (aka two half hitches) can be adjusted after it is tied to tighten the rope down further.

Submitted by: Joe
This is just a simple Prussick. I used to tie this one for an adjustable guy rope loop until I learned the rolling hitch. This knot slips up and down the taught side easily but unless tied very tightly comes undone as a guy rope...use the Rolling Hitch. It binds with pressure on the looped end and is easily moved along the taut line. A perfect camping knot (the rolling hitch).

Submitted by: Andrew
This knot is not exactly a simple Prusik, the prusik is a double lark's head. The tautline hitch, adjustable hitch, buntline hitch, and various other knots are much better than this knot.

Submitted by: NateDogg
Id definetly advise against using the two half hitches,... it slips easily,... very easily,... and many a-times i found my once upright tent ontop of me by morning, actually it was only once, as I learn from my mistakes. I would only use it to anchor against, but other knots like the clove hitch are so much better.

Submitted by: Jan Welde
In Norwegian it is called: "Dobbelt halvstikk p egen part"

Submitted by: Benjamin
You shuld not use just two half hitches on there own, always take a round turn around the object and then tie the two half hitches tight to the round turn, and make sure the hitches in the same direction and not the way the picture shows, as that is a clove hitch.

Submitted by: Lauren
in australia we teach our cub scouts a round turn 2 half hitches. it is good for securing a load on a trailor. the round turn holds it in place and the two half hitches allows for adjustment

Submitted by: Shirley
In Chinese, Two Half Hitches is b.

Submitted by: TreeSpyder
i think Benjamin, Lauren; the serious form of the hitching should have a Round Turn + 2 1/2 hitches for positive security, basic form (on reasonable size mounts). Disturb the Round Turn to make Clove, same reference ~amount of turns, and backup hitches. Disturb Round Turn to a Lark's, it is more secure, and some would drop last hitch.

Always thinking many strategies are upgraded to some form of Round Turn amount of chokes to buffer loadforce, to next stage of lacing, that simple turn doesn't give.


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