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1. Normal Sheetbend
2. Slipped Sheetbend
The Sheetbend is a knot that you use to tie two ropes together. Good both for thick and thin ropes. Easy to untie. Use the Sheetbend (Becket Hitch) when you hoist a flag, and the loop already exist. The Slipped Sheetbend is even more easy to untie, just snatch the right end.
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Submitted by: Damir Visic
In Croatian it's "zastavni" ("flag rope")

Submitted by:

Submitted by: Marcos Villela
In Brazil it is called "nó de escota"

Submitted by: DonDomingo
This knot is very usefull to tie two ropes of diferant thickness. If you wrap it around one more time you would create a double sheep bend which is much stronger.

Submitted by: Edgar
En Mexico "Vuelta de Escota" It is used to tie two ropes together with diferent grossor

Submitted by: Sindre
In Norway this is called FLAGGSTIKK

Submitted by: JK
This knot is much stronger than Reef Knot also on ropes with same thickness.

Submitted by: Shay Tzinder
In Hebrew this knot is called "Orggim" ("Sewing Men").

Submitted by:
I can't remember the name of it but with a turn around the bight before passing it through is even stronger and is used for attaching anchors to there painters (Rope)

Submitted by: Andrew
That would be the Double Sheet Bend " " (no name)
You can also tie a Triple Sheet Bend.

Submitted by: Gyorgy Robert
In Hungary it is a "zaszlos csomo",say:
zaslos chomo.

Submitted by: A Jalil A Samad
in bahasa malaysia this is called Bunga Keti

Submitted by: Cheetah
In Chimpanzee, this knot is called "OOH-OOH-OOH!!!"

Submitted by: Ur
In Hebrew its called- "kesher orgim", weaver's knot.

Submitted by: BBG
In Flemish (Dutch) it's called "Weversknoop"

Submitted by: SM
This is the same knot as the Bowline, and is also known as a Weaver's Knot; it is used by weavers because it is the smallest knot you can tie.

Submitted by: Absalon
In faroees this knot is used to raise our flag "Merkið" and its name is "Flaggknútur" (knot=knútur)

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