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Water Knot

Water Knot
A third knot for tying two ropes of the same thickness. Very strong knot, but difficult to untie. Good for tying grasses, wet rope, and rubber together (e.g. for repairing swimming goggles).
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Submitted by:
Often used for tying the ends of webbing in rock climbing

Submitted by: Muddy
A great Knot for climbing, especially to attach your self to a harness, an extra reefknot of hitch will tie up the loose end

Submitted by: Cynthia Panzani
Thank you for this information. We will share it with our boys.

Submitted by: fred clinton
It's a knot!!

Submitted by: Mr.Fatafoffle
First of all dont make fun of my name!! But now my true cause. I eat knots like this for breakfast

Submitted by: Frank (from Brazil)
When used for tying the ends of webbing it's called "No de Fita", in portuguese.

Submitted by: Mr. Ed
It can be used to tie fishingline toghther.

Submitted by: Amir Mortal
Beware using this knot for a lifeline in rope!! This is actually two interlocking overhand knots, the overhand knot reduces the overall strength of a rope by 2/3!! That means if your rope was good for 100lbs., after you tie this knot that same length of rope will only be good for about 30lbs.
This is a fine knot however for attatching two lengths of webbing together, reducing the strength by far less.

Submitted by: RobertN
This knot is used by firefighters when rigging a personell harness for over-the-bank rescue. Now, most engines have regular climbing harnesses. However, it is still a backup when needed

Submitted by: paulo santos
in portuguese ----no coberto

Submitted by: hondematroos
in dutch also : BANDKNOOP

Submitted by:
can you send me some knots my email coz i'm having probems with my boy about knots.YiS

Submitted by: A. E. McCain
One of two knots used to join lengths of horsehair in the making of fishing line as described in the 15th century "Treatyse on Fyshynge wyth an Angle" from the "Second Boke of St.Albans."

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