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Round Hitch

Round Hitch
Good to use for attaching something to a pole. Easy to make, and quite easy to loose as well.
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Submitted by: Spott
be careful, this knot is hard to tighten or keep tight.

Submitted by: bob napkin
I disagree with Spott

Submitted by: Leroy Jackson
I agree with napkin

Submitted by: Clieo Leonardo
I disagree with Jackson and agree with Spott!

Submitted by: Amy
This is a good knot. It stays tight very easily. I don't think that spott is right.

Submitted by: Ed-Joe-Billy-Bob-Mike
All you must do to keep this knot tight is use a half roll of duck tape on it. With duck tape who need knots.

Submitted by: Andrew
Unfortunately, duct tape cannot replace most of the useful knots. If you pull a bight through instead of the end you have the Slipped Round Hitch

Submitted by: everett
why not just use a clove hitch?

Submitted by: Amir
I feel that this is an interesting knot to have in your repetroire, but functionally a clove hitch would do much better

Submitted by: domz
y not jus stalpe it on

Submitted by: Johann
The German name is: Webleinstek
A good knot to fix the line of the fender on the reeling

Submitted by: Scott aka Knotsman
THis may not be a very good hitch for tying up your boat. The motion and change of pulling direction and tension may cause it to work itself loose. Thus making for a very nasty situation in deed.

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