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Whipping is a good start if you want to learn about knotting. Use a thick thread, with different colours at each end of the rope. You need about 50 cm thread/end.
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The Ashley Book of Knots
The Marlinspike Sailor
Knot Tying: Advanced Knotting (CDROM)

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Submitted by: Damir Visic
In Croatian "podveza"

Submitted by: Me
Whipping? It's fun.

Submitted by: ABZ

Submitted by: Marcos Villela
In portuguese: falcaça

Submitted by: DonDomingo
If it is a nylon rope you could just fuse it by burning the ends and it all melts together

Submitted by: S.RAMESH

Submitted by: js
wrap it tight as hell or its not worth a damm

Submitted by:
if you want it to look nice and stay for good, use wet leather and when it dries itll contract and be nice and tight

Submitted by: R.D. Jenks
I am looking for information on how to whip the end of a rope used for ringing a bell in my church.

Submitted by: IronRoads
Does anyone know of any guidelines regarding how thick the whipping cord should be? Obviously, heavier rope requires heavier whipping cord. I've always just guessed at what "feels" right, but I've often wondered if a thinner or thicker cord would hold better. Also, what about cord material? What works best? (nylon, sisal, cotton, or what?) I'll have to try the leather idea, I imagine it would work great on heavy ropes. Do you use the same cord for different types of rope?

Submitted by: wrb
I use a good heavy waxed flat nylon lacing and tying tape about 1/8 inch wide to do my wipping

Submitted by: Can any one tell me how to make a monkeys paw?

Submitted by:
Can you tell me how to whip a rope back on itself...for instance to make a loop for a mooring rope/ Thanks Wib

Submitted by: Mr.Man
Its also good for fly fishing

Submitted by: Sherrill Clark
Hi, We found out that waxed polyester cord, 6 ply, what telephone installers call "six-twelve cord" works very well and lasts forever if tied very tight.

Submitted by: Maui Boy
Finally an easy reference for whipping! Worked three years in the harbor and I've been doing it wrong!!! Funny thing is that my version holds well enough. Bottom line, thanks for setting me straight.

Submitted by: Kent
the whipping illustrated here is of minimal longevity. see Chapman's Piloting for a more permanent whipping where a needle feeds the waxed nylon twine through the rope first then also at the end.

Submitted by: Ted
Dutch: takeling.

Submitted by: Rod Sudbury
Try using waxed dental is available in different colours. It is also very tough.

Submitted by: F. Van Gould
Waxed dental tape is better than floss for whipping. Re: Monkey\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s fist - make 3 approx equal loose loops and then 3 more around these at the middle at a right angle then 3 more around these last passing thru the original 3. Work it closed and when there is still room add a round object in the center to give it weight for heaving. The size of this object depends on the size of the line used. Be forewarned that if you add a steel or lead ball it may be an illegal blackjack.

Submitted by:
I must say you are definatly a life saver, I never knew it could be so easy

Submitted by:
Can you tell me how I can find some good examples/diagrams on how to spice ropes. Looking for eye splice, backsplice, mathew Walker knot. Thank You!

Submitted by: Abel Cerquetti
Whipping in Spanish refers as "Ligada", the same like Splicing.


Submitted by: Brittney
how do you do it?

Submitted by:
If you use shot line it will work very well. It is a small line so it is easy to make it tight and look professional. It will last just as long as the line. Does anyone know where I can get info on how to make permenant whippings.

Submitted by: Taipan
I like to start the whipping with a constrictor knot to make it even a bit more secure. This method only makes it slighty more bulky and much less likely to slip off.

Submitted by: narendra gadkari
yes i want more information on whipping

Submitted by: Ben
You can use it tie your fishing hook to your line, but you have to make sure the hook points wiht the bend towards the line, so it brings stress on the line when a fish bites in it and pulls the hook backwards (srry for bad english)

Submitted by: monstercrappie
This illustration shows only a temporary whipping, a permanent whipping which will not unravel over time should be made using a sail needle, palm and twine

Submitted by: jock
your whipping can be pulled of the end with a little force the very best is a sail makers whipping it can also be used on braid with palm and needle

Submitted by:

Submitted by: Scott aka Knotsman
If you want your lines to look neat and ship shape, use waxed whipping string, and finish ends of rope with sharp scissors trimming the loose ends to a nice rounded shape.

Submitted by: Pete B
I always start at the cut end and whip away from the end, that way I can control the distance between the end of the rope and the start of the whipping. Like others I use waxed thread or synthetic sinew (depending on the rope thickness) to do the whipping. the was allows the thread to be pulled through without binding and cutting. My rule of thumb is whip about the the thickness of the rope. I have rope whipped 30 years ago done in this method with no deteriation.

Submitted by: Dave
Can be used to wrap a knife's hadle in paracord (550 cord) very useful. If you need the rope in a suvrival sution it is there and makes a good grip

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