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Slippery round hitch

Slippery round hitch
Use it the same way you use the ordinary Round Hitch...
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Submitted by: jack meoff
it is more likrly to break than two halve hitches

Submitted by: Tyrone Washington
This knot is the shiznit

Submitted by: mike hunt
easy on and easy off too

Submitted by: Andrew
The knot is not meant to be reliable. It is meant as a temporary knot which is easy to untie. Best used to tie up your camel when you need to buy ice cream.

Submitted by: The Big Dog
This is also called a Horse Hitch. It will hold if pulled against, but is quick to untie.

Submitted by:
what knot would i use that i could undo up in a tree while i am standing on ground

Submitted by: JP
mlayton, Good question, I expect you are a hunter and need a knot that you can untie from a distance so that you can lower other things (rifle, bow, lawn chair) to the ground at the end of the hunt. Modify this knot so that both ends are the distance you need. Only pull on the slip when your "unloaded" rifle is laying on the ground.

Submitted by: Ken Blackman
I know this knot or a variation of it as a 'Slippery Hitch' and used it for tying up small boats, we put another half hitch on the loop with the tail as extra security.
the variation is to put the loop through only the last round turn, it is a jamming, quick release knot and cannot come undone with the extra half hitch.

Submitted by: william p guisto
need to if u have aguide to tying knots

Submitted by: TreeSpyder
Slipped Anchor Hitch?

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