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Pile Hitch

Pile Hitch
A Pile Hitch may be easily and quickly tied either in the end or bight of a heavy line. It is remarkably secure and is easy to cast off when the right bight has been loosened by a single well-aimed kick. Recommended for medium and heavy lines.
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Submitted by: nick the tree climber
i use this knot to connect the climbing line to the throwline before hauling a line up a tree
...wanna talk knots???

Submitted by: Abel Cerquetti
"VUELTA DE POSTE" is the name in Spanish of the Pile Hitch.

Submitted by: BB
this knot is similar to a Lark's head knot.

Submitted by: Mickey McCain
Hmmm. In rough weather I avoid hitches that bind like this. Even though it looks easy to cast off I guarantee that you will be going for the axe after a 200 ton barge yanks it tight. Instead, I cast a stack of simple loops over the piling, passing each one under the live line first, then finishing with a half hitch on top. Of course I am talking about 1-1/2' to 3' lines. Slower to cast off but it saves rope.

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