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Fisherman's Knot
Water Knot
Lark's head
Round Turn
Timber Hitch
Fisherman's loop
Clove Hitch
Jug Sling Hitch
Round hitch
Slippery round hitch
Pile Hitch
Two Half Hitches
Buntline Hitch
Monkey's fist
Diamond knot
Simple Simon Over
Double Simon
Simple Simon Under
Vice Versa

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Fisherman's Knot

Fisherman's Knot
For stiff ropes and cords you shall use the Fisherman's Knot. Easy to make, dificult to untie, so don't use it on a good rope, especially if there is a lot of strain on it. You should make it double on cords of nylon, or it will not last.
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Bahasa Malaysia: Simpul Himpit
Czech: Rybarska spojka
Danish: Engelsk knob
Dutch: Vissersoog or vissersknoop or Twee zoete liefjes
English: Fisherman's Knot
Estonian: Kaluris§lm
Finnish: Kalastajansolmu
French: noeud de pêcheur
German: Spierenstich, Wasserknoten, Fischerknoten
Hebrew: kesher diagim
Hungarian: szimpla halasz
Italian: Nodo Inglese
Japanese: Tegusu-musubi
Norwegian: fiskerknute
Polish: Węzeł rybacki
Portuguese: Nˇ de Pescador or Cabeša de Cotovia
Slovene: ribiÜki vozel
Spanish: Pescador
Swedish: Fiskarknop
Swiss german: Fischer or Spierenstich
Turkish: Balıkšı Bağı

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