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Monkey's Fist

Monkey's Fist
Frequently requested knot! Finaly I made a description on how to do it.
This is a knot primarily for decoration. For example you can have it in your key ring to impress your friends...
  1. Take a string (or thin rope) aprox. 1 meter long, and hold it as shown on the picture.
  2. Make three turns around your fingers.
  3. "Turn" in between the two fingers, and make three turns around the three previous turns. Do not tighten to much, there should be a little space in the middle.
  4. Remove your index finger from the rope. Put something hard, for example a marble, in the space inside the knot. Now put the end of the rope into the hole where your index finger used to be.
  5. Remove the other finger and let the string go throw the hole where the finger was. Continue until you have made three turns, until there are three turns here also.
Now you are almost done with the knot. Befor you finish it, you should check that there are three turns all around the knot, it is easy to miss a turn.
Start at one of the ends of the rope, and tighten the rope around the marble. Do not pull to hard, it is better to tighten two or three times, then the knot will be much more symetric.
The knot can be done with various number of turns and different thickness of the rope. All depending of how big marble you have.
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Bahasa Malaysia:
Czech: opici pest
Dutch: Apeknotje
English: Monkey's Fist
Estonian: Ahvirusikas
Finnish: Apinannyrkki
French: pomme de touline
German: Affenfaust
Norwegian: Apehånd
Portuguese: Pinha de Retenida
Spanish: Nudo de boza
Swedish: Apans knytnäve
Swiss german:
Turkish: El İncesi or Maymun yumruğu

If you know the name of this knot in another language, please send me a mail and tell me which language, what knot and the name of the knot in that language.

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