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Fisherman's Knot
Water Knot
Lark's head
Round Turn
Timber Hitch
Fisherman's loop
Clove Hitch
Jug Sling Hitch
Round hitch
Slippery round hitch
Pile Hitch
Two Half Hitches
Buntline Hitch
Monkey's fist
Diamond knot
Simple Simon Over
Double Simon
Simple Simon Under
Vice Versa

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A fixed loop, very safe. You can use it when climbing and lifesaveing etc. If your life depends on this knot, you should do an extra knot to make it safer. Otherwise it will not be safe enough, especially if the rope is new. Often learnt by thinking of the end as a rabbit, and the loop as its hole, and as Elma Fudd would say:
The wabbit gows up, out of his hole, wound the back of the twee, and back down into his buwwow.
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Other Languages (Hide)
Bahasa Malaysia: Simpul Tindih Kasih
Catalan: "Gassa de ma" or "gassa d'amant"
Czech: Draci smycka
Danish: Pælestik
Dutch: paalsteek or Hollandse paalsteek
English: Bowline
Estonian: Paalsteek e.(or) surmasõlm
Finnish: Paalusolmu (Paalusolmu lenkillä)
French: noeud de chaise
German: Bulin, Palstek
Greek: Candilitsa
Hungarian: bulin
Italian: gassa d'amante or Nodo Bolina
Japanese: moyai-musubi
Norwegian: pålestikk
Polish: Węzeł ratowniczy (skrajny tatrzański)
Portuguese: Lais de Guia or Nó de Salvação
Slovene: mrtvi vozel, vodniški vozel, pašnjak
Spanish: As de Guía
Swedish: Pålstek
Swiss german: Einfache Rettungsschlinge
Turkish: izbarço

If you know the name of this knot in another language, please send me a mail and tell me which language, what knot and the name of the knot in that language.

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