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Reef Knot (Square Knot (A.E.))

Reef Knot (Square Knot (A.E.))
The knot everyone knows!!?! This is a knot for tying the ends of a piece of rope or string together, for example when tying up a parcel. Remember this is a called a knot NOT a bend, as it should not for tying two ropes together, especially when your life depends on it, as it is easily spilt. Learn the knot by name one of the parts Bertil, and the other one Sture. When they fight, Bertil is stronger so he will get on the top. They twist, and the same thing happens again. Bertil gets on the top again. They twist again, and the reefknot is done.
Pleas note! No matter what some people thinks below, this knot should not be used when you tie two ropes together that you are going to climb!
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Afrikaans: Skuifknoop
Bahasa Malaysia: Buka Sila
Catalan: Nus pla
Czech: Ambulantni spojka
Danish: Råbåndsknob
Dutch: platte knoop
English: Reef Knot (Square Knot (A.E.))
Estonian: Õigesõlm e,(or) meremehe sõlm
Finnish: Merimiessolmu
French: noeud plat
German: Reffknoten or Kreuzknoten or Reffstich
Hebrew: kesher shatuach
Hungarian: laposcsomo
Italian: nodo piano
Japanese: Hon-musubi
Latvian: Plakanais Mezgls
Norwegian: båtmansknop
Polish: węzeł płaski
Portuguese: Nó Direito
Slovene: ambulantni vozel, moški vozel
Spanish: Nudo de Rizo or nudo de marino or nudo llano or cuadrado
Swedish: Råbandsknop
Swiss german: samariter
Turkish: Camadan Bağı

If you know the name of this knot in another language, please send me a mail and tell me which language, what knot and the name of the knot in that language.

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