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Fisherman's Knot
Water Knot
Lark's head
Round Turn
Timber Hitch
Fisherman's loop
Clove Hitch
Jug Sling Hitch
Round hitch
Slippery round hitch
Pile Hitch
Two Half Hitches
Buntline Hitch
Monkey's fist
Diamond knot
Simple Simon Over
Double Simon
Simple Simon Under
Vice Versa

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Clove hitch

Clove hitch
A knot that is easy to make. Usable when you want to moor a boat. Do not use to tie something to a square post as it can easily come off.
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Bahasa Malaysia: simpul pangkal
Catalan: Nus de pardal
Czech: Lodni smycka
Danish: Dobbelt halvstik
Dutch: mastworp
English: Clove hitch
Estonian: Veebling e.(or) seasõrg
Finnish: Siansorkka
French: noeud italien or noeud de cabestan
German: Mastwurf, Webeleinenstek
Hebrew: kesher mott
Hungarian: szorito nyolcas
Indonesian: simpul pangkal
Italian: nodo parlato
Japanese: maki-musubi
Norwegian: dobbelt halvstikk
Polish: Wyblinka
Portuguese: Volta do Fiel or nó pelo chicote or Nó de Barqueiro
Slovene: ladijski vozel, mornarski vozel
Spanish: Ballestrinque
Swedish: Dubbelt halvslag
Swiss german: Achterschlinge / Mastwurf
Turkish: Kazık Bağı

If you know the name of this knot in another language, please send me a mail and tell me which language, what knot and the name of the knot in that language.

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