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Fisherman's Knot
Water Knot
Lark's head
Round Turn
Timber Hitch
Fisherman's loop
Clove Hitch
Jug Sling Hitch
Round hitch
Slippery round hitch
Pile Hitch
Two Half Hitches
Buntline Hitch
Monkey's fist
Diamond knot
Simple Simon Over
Double Simon
Simple Simon Under
Vice Versa

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Also called Double Lark's head.
A very useful knot. If made in the end of a line this knot is an fixed loop, which you easily can resize, just by moving the knot. Suitable as a guy-line knot.
Tying the Prusick with only one final loop, instead of two (making 3 turns around the standing part rather than 4) is called a "taut line hitch" and serves the same purpose as thes Prusick. Used by scouts to keep guy ropes taut on tents and towers. Very useful.
Normaly the prussick is made with a thin line on a rope. This thinner line could then be used as a handle that could be moved on the rope. James Bond used his shoelaces in a movie to climb a rope using this knot.
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