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Fisherman's Knot

Fisherman's Knot
For stiff ropes and cords you shall use the Fisherman's Knot. Easy to make, dificult to untie, so don't use it on a good rope, especially if there is a lot of strain on it. You should make it double on cords of nylon, or it will not last.
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Bahasa Malaysia: Simpul Himpit
Czech: Rybarska spojka
Danish: Engelsk knob
Dutch: Vissersoog or vissersknoop or Twee zoete liefjes
English: Fisherman's Knot
Estonian: Kaluris§lm
Finnish: Kalastajansolmu
French: noeud de pêcheur
German: Spierenstich, Wasserknoten, Fischerknoten
Hebrew: kesher diagim
Hungarian: szimpla halasz
Italian: Nodo Inglese
Japanese: Tegusu-musubi
Norwegian: fiskerknute
Polish: Węzeł rybacki
Portuguese: Nˇ de Pescador or Cabeša de Cotovia
Slovene: ribiÜki vozel
Spanish: Pescador
Swedish: Fiskarknop
Swiss german: Fischer or Spierenstich
Turkish: Balıkšı Bağı

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The Ashley Book of Knots
The Marlinspike Sailor
Knot Tying: Advanced Knotting (CDROM)

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Submitted by: Chris C.
Double up the loops for even more holding power (just don't expect to untie it once a load has been set) - often used for climbing.

Submitted by:
lovers knot

Submitted by: Fernando
In Spanish: "Nudo de Pescador"

Submitted by: Martin B.
Place a figure 8 knot between the two fisherman's knots and you have a bombproof knot. Commonly used in climbing to join two ropes together. Can join ropes of unequal diameters.

Submitted by: Joca
in portuguese: " nˇ de pescador"

Submitted by: Shay Tzinder
In hebrew: "Kesher Dayaggim"

Submitted by: Chris R.
I'm a star scout and if you have one long rope and short rope, just pull them apart and they come out easily.

Submitted by: Andrew
This knot is only for ropes of the same thickness.

Submitted by: Andrew
I didn't think that it was that difficult to untie, but that was me, and there are a lot of stupid people out there.

Submitted by: Jan Welde
It claims to be called "Fiskerknute" in Norwegian. I do disagree, as "knute" is a very negative term when it comes to knotting. The correct term in Norwegian should be: "Fiskerstikk"

Submitted by: Ching Mun
Other names for this knots are Angler's knot, English knot, Englishman's bend, Halibut knot, True Lover's bend, Waterman's knot

Submitted by: Claudio Guidi Colombi
In italian "Nodo inglese" (English knot). Best with a double simple knot each side.

Submitted by: Ryan B.
Andrew, It would depend on the load you have applied to the knot. I have seen fishermen knots that looked like they fused themselves to the rope. I have only seen this during belay and testing seminars. Normally you can roll the knot in between your hands to get this type of knot to loosen up. You shouldn't have much trouble trying to untie this knot if the load is not too significant.

Submitted by:
arbor knot

Submitted by: Peter Mc Elhone ( ireland )
I find the double fishing knot is a very stong and easy learnt knot. i was fishing today for example. and caught a 9 pond trout with this knot. and it held the load perfect

Submitted by: lucy
what type of know is it?

Submitted by: Adam Rider
I love tying knots....i guess u could say that it even excites one day i will open a store and call it "KNOTS"...hehehe...i love knots...they are so fun...thanx for ur time ...
your happy knot tyer...

Submitted by: sarah
In Belgium the say vissersknoop
we use them for in the prussik

Submitted by: hi
they are werd

Submitted by: Dan Lehman
This knot is much used by commercial fisherman, in cordage of such
size and taking such loads that Andrew's lack of stupidity will
not make much difference re untying it!

The knot is quite efficient in terms of material, and it well
resists abrasion in how it presents paired parts to surfaces.
Also, the ends emerge along the loaded parts which not only puts
them away from snagging by makes for easy securing by
either tucking through the rope's lay (if soft or mod.firmly
laid rope),
or by taping or securing in some other means.

Stiff ropes might benefit more by a Double Fisherman's Knot.


Submitted by: rasika
send me uses of fisherman knot

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