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Fisherman's Knot
Water Knot
Lark's head
Round Turn
Timber Hitch
Fisherman's loop
Clove Hitch
Jug Sling Hitch
Round hitch
Slippery round hitch
Pile Hitch
Two Half Hitches
Buntline Hitch
Monkey's fist
Diamond knot
Simple Simon Over
Double Simon
Simple Simon Under
Vice Versa

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Diamond Knot

Diamond Knot
Use it in your zipper, and it is easier to close your jacket when wearing gloves for example.
Follow step 1 to 4. Image number 5 shows that you should take both ends of the rope, put it under the knot and then up throw the hole in the middle of the knot. Then you tighten the knot, sometimes you might want to adjust the knot afterwards so you get equally long ends. Post on facebook

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