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Round Turn

Round Turn
Another simple but useful knot. Good to use when you are going to buy ice-cream, and have to tie your camel at the drain pipe. There are many variants of this knot.
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Bahasa Malaysia:
Danish: Slipstik
Dutch: rondtorn or Slipsteek
English: Round Turn
French: Un tour mort et une demi clé gansée
German: Rundtörn mit Slipstek
Italian: doppio collo ganciato
Japanese: hito-musubi
Portuguese: volta de fiel pronto a disparar
Slovene: ladijski vozel?
Spanish: Media llave y cote
Swedish: nyckstek
Swiss german:

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The Ashley Book of Knots
The Marlinspike Sailor
Knot Tying: Advanced Knotting (CDROM)

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Submitted by: American
HAHAHA you gotta tie up your camel!!

Submitted by: L L cool J
HAHAHA you gotta tie up your camel!!

Submitted by: CamelGrl
What else are you supposed to do with your camel? Let him terrorize American tourists? Wait a minute.... now this has promise!

Submitted by: StratCat
The 'Round Turn' is a variation of the 'Clove Hitch' with an extra turn. This diagram demonstates the 'slipped' version. -'Da Cat

Submitted by: StratCat
The 'Round Turn' is a variation of the 'Clove Hitch' with an extra turn. This diagram demonstates the 'slipped' version. If you're riding a camel, it is doubtful that there is anything to tie it up to other than a tent stake, or maybe a palm tree. -'Da Cat

Submitted by: Scotty
looks as easy as a highwayman's hitch.

Submitted by: Mig
PLEASE make "round turn and two half hitches"

Submitted by: Race horse bob
Mig that one is called an anchor bend hitch.

Submitted by: kat
The german word for this knot sounds like the english one: "Rundtörn"

Submitted by:
what is knot used to shorten rope (necklace) jewellery

Submitted by: meatball
use a sheep shank to shorten a rope

Submitted by: Canadian
Why would you buy ice cream if you needed a camel to get there? It would melt by the time you got back!

Submitted by: Ben
You can buy it at night, it freezes in the desert at night, though you might not want ice cream then. Well, I want ice cream anytime. Though it' hard tieing knots with frozen fingers, do the Swedish know a trick for that?

Submitted by: Harold Mattner
How exactly is a Camel Hitch?

Submitted by: Shortfuse
HAHAHA you gotta tie up your camel!!

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