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Clove hitch

Clove hitch
A knot that is easy to make. Usable when you want to moor a boat. Do not use to tie something to a square post as it can easily come off.
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The Ashley Book of Knots
The Marlinspike Sailor
Knot Tying: Advanced Knotting (CDROM)

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Submitted by:
Do you know how to tie a noose? kinda like the one people hang themself with?

Submitted by: Damir Visic
In Croatian: "vrzni"

Submitted by: Joca
in potuguese. "volta de fiel"

Submitted by: David Noble
Add a half hitch...bitter end over working line...and this knot becomes a very safe way to hang a load, even on a square post (assuming the corners aren't too sharp )

Submitted by: opie
The clove hich should not be used when only one side is loaded (as in mooring a boat). It will roll and come undone.

Submitted by: sami karam
in french:"CABESTAN"

Submitted by: John Sheldon

Submitted by: DonDomingo
This Knot is the first step in lashings. Hey tramadog a noose is tied; first by making two loops so it looks like this

Then tie the end around 13 times pull it thru the loop and tighten with the end (if you did'nt see the picture on top this thing is messed)

Submitted by: DonDomingo
The first step to the noose is also the first on the sheepshank

Submitted by: Joe Hodges
Going camping soon!This is all I needed!

Submitted by: Michael Phillips
Used to begin a square lashing only (a timber hitch is used for diagonal lashings).

Submitted by: Joe
very useful for tying off a guy rope (as with the rolling hitch - see prussick note about only three turns instead of four.) I've seen it at Circus's and fairs tied to stakes in the ground.

Submitted by: race horse bob
The clove hitch is crap. too many boy scouts out there, the constrictor hitch is much better and safer. pa dow!

Submitted by: 1feather
a noose with 13 wraps is considered a lethel weapon i was almost taken to jail. but i only had 11 wraps.

Submitted by:
In Croatian we call Vrzina petlja vs Damir Visic

Submitted by:
It's also used for the finishing knot for lashing

Submitted by: Shay Tzinder
In Hebrew: "Mot Mullbash" ("Hangging Stick") or "Mot Murkav" ("Pro Stick").

Submitted by:
Most people don't realise that a noose is only meant to have seven loops NOT 13!!

Submitted by: patty
too bad he didn't have 13, ha ha ha ha ha. ur crazy!!! crazy like a fox!

Submitted by: wil
Clove hitch is for temp use only. Dont use when the two opposing pulls are uneven or irregular for too long (boat to mooring with tide/wakes)

Submitted by: petezza hut
so that is how u do it

Submitted by: kat
A great knot, fast to tie and very strong, even with weak ropes. In germany it's "Webeleinstek" or "Mastwurf" (Mast=mast, pylon; wurf=throw)

Submitted by:
The more loops in a noose, the more of a chance that it will instantly break your neck. The constrictor hitch is an excellent knot, but the double constrictor is even more reliable.

Submitted by: Raziwafa Che Wan
Bahasa Malaysia : Simpulan Manok

Submitted by: happybappa
Mastworp in dutch

Submitted by: Frank
To secure my boat, I use a clove hitch backed up with two half hitches. Never failed me.

Submitted by: Anatoly Epifanov
in Rissian:" (vyblenotchnyi uzel)".

Submitted by: Arnthor varsson
In Icelandic this knot has different names on land versus on sea.
On land: hestahntur (horse knot)
On sea: skutulbragd (harpoon hitch)

Submitted by:
tying from six feet away

Submitted by: pete
can any1 send me pics of how 2 turn this into a constrictor knot??
e-mail thanx

Submitted by: rasta
simpul manok in malay

Submitted by: hotchickbabe
2 clove hitches tired on top of each other....and your boat will never come free

always use this knot when attaching ropes to my truck. Never safe if used by itself but always safe when a simple thumb hitch is added to the trailing end of knot

Submitted by: Douglas
In Portuguese I have also seen this called "n de porco" (pig knot)

Submitted by: Paul Kruse
By adding a half hitch with the dead end taped to the live end, using new 3/4 inch three strand twisted nylon rope, we were able to get about 60 percent of the published breaking strength of the rope. Same results with a double half hitch instead of the tape. This is also the same results we got with a simple bowline. In all cases, we tied to a four inch steel pin in a hydraulic tensile tester. Rope was dry and loads were applied slowly.

Submitted by: Peter (UK)
For constrictor: see: Ashley's Book Of Knots (Faber & Faber)

Submitted by: Andre Nault
Clove Hitch is the knot use for aircraft wirering bundles.

Submitted by:
how do you tie

Submitted by: knotter
In Finnish: Siansorkka (Pig's foot)

Submitted by: me
Use a clove hitch if you will want to untie it. If it will be permanent, a constrictor knot gets much tighter and rarely loosens.

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